The Quest
by: J.A.Flores

The Quest Saga is the story of family unity and true love striving to overcome the bane of
evil. Set in the fantasy realm of the Kingdom of Arcainia and medieval China, the story
follows the adventures of Sir Kain Viccon, Grand General of the Arcainian Army, his
teenage sister Nancy Viccon, and their cousin Hua Li, a beautiful warrior from the land of
China. Together with their closest friends and loved ones, they risk life & limb to save the
world they know from the bloody wrath of the evil warlock Noknor.

This true faerytale is an epic journey not to be missed! Described as putting Lord of the
Rings, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and Friends into a blender, the Quest is filled with a
unique blend of romance, drama, humor, sword swinging adventure and martial arts action!
Drawing inspiration from Mexican, Chinese, and American & Native American myths &
legends, the Quest combines these cultures with the fantasy genre and a modern flare in a
way never before seen! This engaging story is surely one you don’t want to miss
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