Shrine of the
Goddess Isis
Here are some of my favorite pitcures of Isis by various artists.
Click on the picture for an enlarged photo:
Welcome to my humble little web-shrine dedicated to my Divine Mother Isis, also known as Auset,
faithful wife of Osiris, loving mother of Horus, great enchantress, Queen of of the Two Lands: Heaven
and Earth, and Lady of Ten Thousand Names (that should cover it). She has been worshipped for
literally thousands of years all over the world and over the centuries many religious figures both female
and male have either borrowed or outright stolen qualities and properties of Her and Her amazing
story. She is wise, loving, compassionate, tender, and adoring but she is also strong, fierce, and
determined. She protects and guides Her children, loving them unconditionally as any true mother loves
her children. She listens and nurtures those in need, giving strength and guidence when needed. As any
true mother would, she sacrifices everything for Her children without ever asking anything in return. She
never turns her back or closes her ears. She is powerful, She is beautiful, She is Isis.