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Noknor the Handless
Book II: Evil Rising

I crafted this Noknor around the same time as the Noknor figure from Book I: The
Roots of Evil, I think but I’m not 100% sure I did them at the same time. To be
honest, I don’t even remember exactly when (even the specific year) I made
these, but definitely after 2007 as that’s when Book II came out. I want to say it
was 2008, as I did my first Barnes & Noble book signing event in December ’08
and both these Noknor figures were in attendance.

I made this Noknor in pretty much the same fashion as the first one. The core figure
is another 8� scale WWE wrestling action figure, although not Kane. I don’t
know who this wrestler is (was?), all I recall is that he was a big bald guy and since I
couldn’t find another Kane figure I went with it. Interestingly enough, this one is
just slightly shorter than the other, it’s not that noticeable until to put the two
figures next to each other.

Again, I started first by reshaping the bulbous head somewhat with a razor then
painted the whole thing green and painted the eyes red. This wrestler was not wearing
pants, so I just painted his legs black. The shirt is air-dry polymer clay, the same used
for…well, all my art projects. I tried, again, to make the figure somewhat articulate,
and so I left some space between the shirt and sleeves to allow arm movement; you
can see some of the green paint poking through.

In Book 2 Noknor is not quite so stylish; losing a major war and then being a hunted
criminal constantly on the run will do that to a guy. His dress and accessories are
admittedly quite simple in the book, so I translated that into the figure. He wears a
very plain cloak with a hood, so I gave him a real felt cloak and a wooden walking
stick made from a dowel and clay painted black.

Also, in Book 1 Noknor (*SPOILER ALERT*) loses his right hand. Out came the
trusty hacksaw and unknown WWE wrestler lost his right hand too. I superglued a
magnet (a small but oddly powerful one) onto the stump and paint it gold. Then I
made three separate attachments also with magnets that easily come on and off the
stump: a hand in a black glove and an axe (both used through-out Book 2) and a fist
made of solid gold (read: painted hacked off wrestler’s fist) which is mentioned in
Book 2 and used in Book 3.

Although I love the interchangeable hand feature, overall I’m not very pleased
with this figure as a whole, certainly nowhere near the level that I am with the first
Noknor or other action figures I’ve done. I think I rushed it too quickly; it looks
sloppy. I also don’t like the axe, it’s comically oversized and weird looking, I
had some intentions of redoing it, but to date I’ve moved on to other things. Iâ
€™m also not too thrilled with the figure I used, I wish I could have found another
Kane figure to work with. This one has an odd smirk and seem a bit too chubby,
although I will admit that he does look quite a bit like a green Michael Chiklis.
Hmmmmm, I may need to update my
Movie Wishlist.