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Final Battle Noknor, during the final battle with Kain and
Nancy at the end of Book I: The Roots of Evil after the
Swuenedras Amulet has turned him into his ultimate warrior.

I'm really, really excited about this one. I'd wanted to do a
Final Battle Noknor for a really long time, but was never quite
sure how to go about it. I wanted to keep it to scale somewhat
with the other 8� action figures I had planned, but finding
the right core figures seemed impossible. Thus I stuck with the
8" scale and used a WWE Kane figure similar to the one used
for the very first Noknor figure. I went through the usual
painting/reshaping I did for the first, even using the same color
green. However, for this one I had to cut off the legs. Let me
tell you, wrestling toys take a LOT of abuse and the toy
makers obviously took that into consideration because even
with a hacksaw, slicing through Kane's waist a la the magic
show cliché was a pretty grueling process. That, or I'm
amazingly out of shape. =/

I also removed Kane's bottom jaw, because he was in the
traditional tight lipped scowl common on wrestling figures (the
after effect was pretty creepy, let me tell you!). I shaved both
jaws down just right and glue it back on, leaving enough room
to glue on the white fangs (after painting the inside of his
mouth red, of course).

The wings and extra set of arms are actually from a Disney's
Gargoyles toy circa 1995, a Broadway figure, if I'm not
mistake. I used to love the Gargoyles show and bought quite a
few of the figures, which were really quite well crafted. Yes, I
realize it was a cartoon show meant for kids, and in 1995 I
was 18, but if you've paid attention to this website you'll know
that the age/gender demographic for anything really doesn't
pertain to me. Anywho, I had a few Gargoyle toys collecting
dust in a box in the storage shed and salvaged some pieces
from ol' Broadway with the aid of my trusty hacksaw. I used
a drill to bore holes in the Kane torso and inserted the intact
arms, thus the extra arms are actually articulated and can be
moved freely up and down. Can't say the same for the wings,
I considered articulating them in a somewhat similar fashion
but ultimately decided I'm very lazy and impatient and ended
up just hot gluing them onto the back.

The spider body is an old Halloween spider decoration, a
rubber squeakie. The legs, all eight of them, are custom made
from scratch. The rubber legs were...well, rubber, with rubber
hairs and looked stupid. So I cut them off, all eight of them,
and used wooden dowels and polymer clay. That was actually
the most time-consuming part of this and the most mind-
numbing. Eight legs doesn't seem like a lot, but trust me, it is a
LOT of work to mold eight legs; actually, 16 since each leg is
made of 2 pieces.

The top of the figure is attached to the spider body using
polymer clay and hot glue,
not exactly technologically advanced toy making, but it gets
the job done.
The Swuenedras Amulet is also polymer clay and it is to scale.

Oh, yeah! This figure is actually to scale with the 4" Kain and
Nancy Viccon figures I made.  So, I realized my dream of
both making a Final Battle Noknor and making it to scale with
Kain and Nancy figures.

2 Words, Bad Ass!!! =D