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Kain Viccon - 4 Inch Scale Action Figure

Sir Kain Viccon, 113th Grand General of the Kingdom of Arcainia, in four inch scale.

This was the third action figure I custom made, very shortly after I made the two
larger Noknor figures. Kain may look a little familiar to you, especially with his
movies tearing up the box office. Yes, that is Dwayne “The Rock� Johnson, or
more specifically his WWE action figure counterpart. Why did I choose a Rock
WWE figure as a basis for Kain Viccon? Well, if you’ve seen my
Quest Movie
Wishlist, you’d see that Dwayne Johnson is my top pick to play the role of Kain!

Kain is from the WWE 4� mini-figure line. Why did I go with the smaller scale for
this one? Simple: I couldn't find a WWE Rock figure in the larger 8" scale. I can't
remember why I got the 4" scale Nancy figure, but it was for the same reason at the

As wrestling toys come only wearing a speedo and boots, obviously I had to paint
pants onto him; gave him steel toes on his boots, too. The armor, shin and elbow
guards, helmet, and shield are all molded from air-dry polymer clay. He is wielding
the Element Sword, the hilt of which is again polymer clay while the blade is
translucent plastic, the same plastic from the blister pack of the original Rock
packaging (recycling is cool!). Although impossible to see in these pictures, he has a
belt scavenged from an old G.I. Joe on which there is a rope, sword sheath, and
dagger. If you look closely you will see Kain’s glok, which is attached to a
backpack. Unfortunately, it is glue on and thus not removable.

The figure remains pretty articulated considering how much polymer clay I put on it
so it works great as a playable toy and it (along with the 4" Nancy) is awesomely in
scale with the Final Battle Noknor super figure I made .

One more thing of note: the star both on the shield and on his chest armor. Not sure
if you can see it in the picture, but there is an eagle fighting a snake atop a cactus as
mentioned in the books. Yes, that is the very same image as seen on the Mexican
Flag. This is one of many subtle clues that the Arcainian culture is influenced by
Mexican culture, obviously because of my own Mexican heritage.

Not a bad first try at making Kain, and I learned a lot doing this one that would later
transfer over to the process of making the 8" figure.