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Kain Viccon – 8 Inch Action Figure

I’m really proud of this Kain figure, I think it really captures the idea of the Quest
Saga and what I really want out of the toyline. It’s detailed, articulated, has a lot
of accessories, and is very playable. I can totally see myself at ten years old getting
really excited to get this figure on my birthday or Christmas and making it one of my
top tier toys come playtime. To be honest, I’d probably play with it now as a
grown-ass man-child that I am if it were professionally made and thus much less

Like the 4� version, this Kain Viccon is made with a Dwayne “The Rock�
Johnson WWE figure, Mattel’s Defining Moments line to be exact. It was hard as
hell to find a Rock figure as he had left the WWE/WWF long before I started making
this figure. I was able to find a couple of the older figures on Ebay and Amazon’s
version of Ebay, but nowhere near prices that I could possibly justify spending on my
shoestring budget. As luck would have it, I finally found this one at Target (and later
another one at Toys ‘R’ Us). Finding this was perrrrrrfect for me, as this
WWE line was highly detailed and articulated as well as reasonably priced (about $15
- $20) not to mention that Dwayne Johnson is my #1 pick to play Kain in
the Quest

This Rock figure is actually pretty cool; as said, it’s very articulated and highly
detailed but it also comes with a microphone, a stylish pair of sunglasses, and a real
cloth shirt and pants, and a faux leather jacket. As I didn’t need the clothes he
came with for this particular project, I stripped the Rock down to his wrasslin’
Speedo and got to work– hum, I wonder if that’ll affect my Google search hits
a smidge. I did save the clothes and sunglasses for any possible future project I might
could use them for, but I did use the microphone on this figure; more on that later.
First I painted his legs and Speedo blue to act as pants.Then I gave him an armor
breastplate of air-dry polymer clay; I took some clay and flattened it out with a roller,
cut it to vague shape, molded it onto the Rock’s (hereafter referred to as Kain as
I believe this was to true point of transition) torso, and trimmed off the excess. It was
only once the clay was firmly dried in place that I realized that I allowed my
impatience to screw me over yet again as I had forgotten to give Kain a shirt. Crap in
a hat! No biggie, I just painted his arms the same blue as his pants.

Kain’s uniform is described as thick blue leather with a steel breastplate, steel
shin/knee guards, and steel gauntlets/arm guards. I painted his shirt and pants a
regular cobalt blue, which when dried gave it a grainy, leathery look. For anything
steel, I used a dark blue gloss paint that, again when dry, left the steel armor shiny
and metallic. For the shoulder guards, arm guards, shin guards, and shield, I rolled out
a large flat piece of clay and let it dry. Then I cut the pieces all to shape and applied
paint, the same glossy blue used for the breastplate with a glossy pewter grey for the
flourishes; also for the steel toes on his boots. Then I used super-glue to permanently
attach them in place; the super-glue I use is actually a gel, which is sooooooo much
easier to work with than the liquid, which gets everywhere but mostly on the fingers.

You really can’t see it in these pictures, but this Kain comes with a lot of cool
accessories. When I get the chance (read: when I get back home to Houston where all
of these figures currently reside while I myself am out in Beijing) I will update this
entry with more pictures of the accessories. I already talked about the shield, but one
more thing I want to add is the Arcainian crest emblazoned on the face (on Kainâ
€™s breastplate, too): a brown eagle fighting  rattlesnake a top a cactus. I lifted this
straight off the flag of Mexico, yet another (not so) subtle nod to my own Mexican
heritage and the underlining hint that Arcainia may or may not be an alternate
universe Aztec empire. The white star on a blue background is borrowed from one of
the original flags of the Republic of Texas/the current flag of the City of Houston. I
mixed the two visuals to make the banner for the Kingdom of Arcainia.

Kain has a removable helmet in the shape of an eagle’s head (see possible
underlying Aztec reference thing not three sentences ago). This one was a little more
difficult to pull off if for no other reason than it required defacing an icon of
American freedom. I bought a bald eagle PVC statue, the kind of thing available
everywhere, Toys ‘R’ Us, Target, the museum, hobby stores, everywhere. For
some odd reason, outside of the dinosaurs, I’ve never seen the same ones for sell
at different retailers. I bought the eagle at Michael’s Craft Store and decapitated
it. You know, maybe there is something to be said about one’s subconscious
patriotism because I had no problem actually cutting off the eagle’s head while in
the process, but once I saw that elegant white head sitting next to the headless brown
feathered body I felt really, really bad. It took me a day or two before I realized itâ
€™s just a toy and it was beheaded for the sake of art. Three coats of glossy dark
blue, glossy pewter touches and some polymer clay to even out the back and sides
and it made an awesome helmet. I still have the headless eagle body in case
something ever comes up that I could use it. I tend to do that a lot.

The Elemental Sword I made in nearly the exact same way as I did the one for the 4â
€� Kain figure. The blade is cut from the plastic blister that the WWE Rock figure
came in while the hilt was crafted from polymer clay and silver paint. For the handle,
I used the Rock’s microphone since it was tailor made to fit into the hand,
trimmed it with a razor and painted it gold. Super glue holds it all together.
His belt is real leather cut to size and painted black. He also has a cloak made from a
scrap of blue jeans painted the correct shade of blue; the cloak is designed to snap on
and off Kain’s back via a super glued snap-clasp. I even gave him a backpack
hand molded with polymer clay and using the same snap-clasp method to both made
it removable from Kain’s back and also to holster his glok weapon; yes, the glock
is made to attach on and off the backpack (the weight does cause the backpack to list
slightly to right, but Kain’s shoulder guard armor keeps it fairly in place).

Yes, I made Kain a glok, just as described in the book. I actually used a scale model
gun for most of it, an MG34 (the German machine gun of choice during WWI &
WWII until it was superseded by the MG42). I actually have (had) two of them for
some reason, so I didn’t have a problem sacrificing one for the better good. I
used the butt of the MG34 for the glok’s butt and the MG34’s bolt for the
glok barrel. Polymer clay filled out the rest and the MG34’s leaf sight became the
glok’s firing mechanism.
I had wanted to make a few other weapons, Kain’s broadsword, his bow and
arrows, a whip and dagger maybe, but I never got around to it and moved on to other
things. I might make more in the future, or I might make another Kain figure since I
have another WWE Defining Moments Rock figure lying around. My brother Mike
suggested I do a battle-damaged Kain and I must say the idea intrigues me. I dunno,
we’ll see.