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Mara Raptor, Jestura to the Ladys of the Elements,
Kain ex-lover, and Li's sister-in-law.

Mara is one of my favorite characters to write, right behind Li and Nancy, so doing
a figure seemed right. It helps a whole lot that it's actually a pretty simple figure to
make. The core figure is a Lisseth figure from Humberto Ramos' Crimson line. I
know absolutely nothing about Crimson or Ramos. I saw the Lisseth figure (name
known because it's on the box) at Suncoast Video or possibly a comic book store
and thought that it looked pretty cool. This was years ago, long before I thought too
much about making my own figures. At the time I would collect toys, any toy that
struck as cool, and so I built up quite a collection. I came across the Lisseth figure
will cleaning my closet one day and thought it would be great as a Mara figure. The
face is decently similar to the real Mara and I liked the stance. The Lisseth figure is
painted with a bodysuit, so I made Mara a dress using polymer clay. I repainted her
boots, painted the hair brown, painted the lipstick and nails, and gave her a keen
real leather belt adorned with plastic bedazzle gems. Also gave her a diamond
necklace for no other reason than I thought she needed a little something extra.

You'll notice that the figure has her hand pointed out, this is the pose of the original
Lisseth figure. I wanted to have Mara shooting a fireball and indeed I made one out
of polymer clay. Unfortunately, it came out like crap so I didn't add it. I'm still
considering adding a fireball if I find something good enough.

One more thing of note: I had to give the Lisseth figure a breast reduction using a
razorblade. If you've ever read any comics, particularly recent one, you'll know that
comicbook gals are...shall we say, well-endowed. Not mincing words, the Lisseth
figure had a HUGE rack, and her girls were very implant-esque. I'm not really a big
breast kind of guy, so I toned them down a tad. Actually, the interesting thing is that
the surgery was necessary as the figure was too top heavy and wouldn't stand up by