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Nancy Viccon – 8 Inch Action Figure

I crafted this 8� scale Nancy Viccon figure at the same time that I did the 8�
Kain Viccon one, so the processes are exactly the same. I do mean at the exact same
time, going back and forth between while painting them with the same brush and
making their accessories out of the same sheet of dried polymer clay. I had wanted to
do both Viccon siblings for a long time, pretty much since doing the first Noknor
figure way back when. However, finding suitable core action figures to form the basis
of the character was a bit of a trial for me. Kain’s was hard to find, but at least I
knew what I was looking for, that being a Dwayne “The Rock� Johnson WWE
wrestling figure. For Nancy, though, I had no idea who to use. Throw in the fact that
there’s not a whole lot of teenaged Chinese girl action figures out there and it
seemed like an nigh impossible feat.

One day shopping at Toys ‘R’ Us, I stumbled upon an Uhura action figure
from the Star Trek movie, J. J. Abrams edition. Now, this Uhura is modeled after the
incredibly lovely actress Zoe Saldana, who is neither Asian let alone Chinese nor is
she a teenager; although born in Jersey, her family is originally from the Dominican
Republic and she’s a year younger than me (fun fact: I’m not a teenager).
Funny thing about her toy, though; I’m not sure why, perhaps it’s the scaling
down or whatever, but this toy actually looks very close to how I envision Nancy,
that being a 14 year old Chinese girl. I’m not the only one either, as everyone Iâ
€™ve polled has said roughly the same thing: “Where’d you find the Chinese
doll?� So while there’s no way Zoe Saldana could play Nancy, her non-
Neytiri figure certainly can. Her height is completely in scale with the Kain, Noknor,
and Li figures.

Oh, and as it had been a while since Star Trek had come out, I was both lucky to find
the Uhura figure at a discount price and unfortunate to have scored the last one they
had, so I won’t be doing a second Nancy figure at least until Abrams releases
Star Trek 2.

Okee, so I have this Zoe Saldana Star Trek toy dressed in a rubber star fleet rubber
skirt and top that are both removable (however, the sleeves are molded to the arms).
I took of the skirt because Nancy wears pants, not a skirt in battle only to find that
Uhura is wearing official Star Trek panties. How do I know it’s official? Because
there’s little Star Trek emblems raised up all over it. I knew it would show up, so
prior to painting her legs and underwear blue to act as the thick leather pants Nancy
wears in the book, I had to file the Star Trek emblems down with sandpaper. You
read that right, I spent the better part of an afternoon rubbing Uhura’s butt with
sandpaper; that certainly couldn’t be construed as creepy or anything.

I thought I would save some work and polymer clay and simply paint her rubber
blouse, but I quickly found that the paint wasn’t compatible with the rubber and
would flake off as soon as dried; you can kinda see what I mean in the picture. Thus
I had to cut her shirt off and discovered she was wearing a sports bra (luckily, no
raised Star Trek emblems on it). Hum, panties and a sports bra? Playmates must
have foreseen a lot of…ah, Zoe Saldana fans undressing Uhura. Call me a
completist, but even though I knew you wouldn’t be able to see the sports bra
under Nancy’s armor, I painted it blue anyway. Like Kain’s toy, I molded
Nancy’s armor from air-dry polymer clay, rolling out a flat sheet and cutting it to
shape before I molded it to her torso and trimmed off the excess. I painted it cobalt
blue with a dry finish that gives it a dusty, leathery look; Nancy’s armor, unlike
her brother’s steel breastplate, is described as being a mix of leather, chain mail,
and a steel plate with the steel and mail sandwiched between thick layers of leather.

Again, like Kain I gave Nancy a real leather belt cut from a strip of leather used to
make wallets or something. I gave her an Arcainian crest on her chest, a white star
with an eagle fighting a rattlesnake a top a cactus, lifted directly from the Mexican
flag. To make the crest (which also appears on Kain’s breastplate and shield) I
designed it in PrintShop, then printed it out on a white letter label, cut it out, and
slapped it onto place. Easy Peezy. I also gave her a turquoise scrunchie for her hair
(simply painted the black band keeping Uhura’s black hair in a pontail) and gave
her a manicure with turquoise paint for no other reason than turquoise is valuable to
Arcainians and I felt Nancy’s needed a little something.

Nancy has quite a few accessories; I’ve always been a fan of toys with a lot of
extra stuff, it always makes it feel you got more than you really did come playtime. I
made her a polymer clay backpack painted a light tan and with a small eye hook that
can hold her blo-pipe (clay rolled like snake, shaped like a pipe, and painted silver);
the blo-pipe can actually be held in her hand and placed to her mouth thanks to the
figure’s arm articulation. There is a button clasp, one half glued to the backpack
and the other half glued to Nancy’s back which allows the backpack to easily
snap on and off.

I made her a sword completely out of polymer clay. It’s supposed to be the
Rajima Steel sword John Accrue gave her in Book I. I made the blade, hilt, and
handle all separately and painted them before super gluing it all together. There is a
thick needle running handle to blade to give it support. For her shield, the magick
faery shield bestowed to her by the Uraeus Sisters in Book I, I cut a circular piece of
dry clay, then wrapped it with aluminum foil shiny side out to give it a mirrored
surface. I lined the edge with more clay, added a pewter faery and roses that I think
were designed for charm bracelets, and painted them silver; I left the face of the
shield untouched and the aluminum foil really gives it a cool silver mirror look that I
don’t think photographs well.

All in all, I’m very proud of my work with this figure. Just like the Kain Viccon 8â
€� figure, I feel like this really captures the heart of the Quest Saga and what I want
out of the Quest toyline. This Nancy is detailed, articulated, comes with a bunch of
accessories, and is totally playable. I wish I had the time, money, and supplies to
make more of this Nancy figure and the others, it’d be really cool to be able to
sell them or, more likely, give them away during book signings and other promotions.