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Noknor 1:1 Statue

I labeled this one as an actual Noknor life-sized statue, because that was what it was
originally supposed to be, and shall be one day when I get back around to it. I don’t
know what the hell possessed me to try to make an actual friggin’ life-size statue of
Noknor, but here we are and there it is. Keep in mind that Noknor is described as being
about 6’6� and rather bulky, so that should give you an idea of the massive scope of
this project. I had grand plans for it, taking it to book signings and whatnot, but unfortunately
time got away from me and to date I only have a Noknor bust to show for it. Oh, and
measurements (arm length, torso length, etc).

Amazing, this one is rather simple, although somewhat costly. The head is a mask, Tor
Johnson to be precise. As soon I got the idea to make the Noknor statue I knew I would need
a Tor Johnson mask for Noknor’s head. These masks used to be super popular and I
remember having one lying around the house when I was a kid. I think it was my older
brother’s, maybe my dad’s and it got used for various reasons on more than one
Halloween. I’m not sure when exactly Tor’s stock plummeted, but I had a really
tough time finding this mask. None of the costume shops in Houston (there are several) had
one, although to be fair I was asking in a month that wasn’t Halloween-ish. I ended up
having to order it from a mask shop on the internet. It was a little pricey, in the $50 range,
but worth it. I painted it green and it was Noknor…almost.

I stuffed the mask with a Styrofoam mannequin head I got from Hobby Lobby and assorted
plastic grocery bags (you can see the white Target bags poking out through the mouth,
something I thought to rectify by gluing his lips shut). If I wasn’t so impatient I would
have evened out the distribution of the bags so Noknor’s skull wouldn’t be so lumpy,
but meh.

Note the eyes, Noknor’s trademark glowing red eyes. Those are actually small plastic
rubies; I bought a small bag of assorted plastic gems, the rubies, diamonds, emeralds, etc,
used the rubies for this purpose and gave the rest of the gems to my nieces to play with. With
some battery-powered Christmas LED lights, I rigged the mannequin head (read: dug holes
into the Styrofoam and ran the wires from the lights at the eyesockets and the base of the
skull) so that Noknor had his red glowing eyes. It’s really an awesome effect, even
somewhat frightful. I love it. Also, note that although I thought to make the staff long before
this life-sized Noknor statue, the staff is itself life-size and goes perfectly with this future
statue. One day I’ll finish it and then this page’ll be updated. Until then, enjoy
Noknor’s head.