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Noknor’s Staff

I made this in 2010ish, not sure of the exact date (I really should start writing crap down); like, well,
everything else, I decided to make this on a whim. A lot of time, a few months at least, passed between
the time I decided to make Noknor’s staff and the time of its actual construction.

I’m pretty pleased with how this one came out, for the most part. I do feel like the blade is
comically oversized, a result of painting the cut foam board before comparing the size. The length and
general shape of the blade is right, but it’s just too fat. I’ve always envisioned the staff as having
a sort of scythe blade, and, yes, that would make the staff symbolic of Noknor being Death,

As said, the blade is foam board, same as the claws on Li’s Dragon Claw. The shaft is simply a
large wooden dowel I procured from Home Depot and painted chocolate brown (I think, some sort of
dark brown at least). I cut deep notches into the dowel to attach the two blades, the smaller back blade
is glued into place but the large scythe blade can be easily pulled out for ease of storage and/or transport.
The spear point at the bottom is actually a cut piece of plywood permanently attached to the staff with
screws and glue. I knew it would be standing on the spearhead and so needed something a heck of a lot
stronger to take the abuse. In keeping with attention to detail, the spearhead is shaved down to be blunt
to mimic the erosion caused by Noknor constantly tapping it onto the ground as he walks with the staff.

The Volar Stone at the top of the staff is a glass diamond decoration and/or paperweight I got from
Michael’s arts & craft store; I’m a regular there and Hobby Lobby. Air-dry polymer clay rounds
out the supplies as the metal fixtures.

Although I thought to make this long before the life-sized Noknor statue, this staff is itself life-size and
goes perfectly with the statue.

Of all the Quest projects I’ve worked on to date, this was the quickest, easiest, and cheapest one to
do. In the future I’d like to make another one using real metal blades. We shall see.