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Quest Saga Official T-Shirt
 featuring Noknor

The idea of this t-shirt came to me, no joke, literally while I was driving to the pharmacy one
evening. That’s how these things usually work for me, I’ll be doing something
completely unrelated to writing and an idea for some or other marketing ploy will just come
to me. On the way to the pharmacy I got the idea and by the time I got home I had the
whole idea mapped out and planned. I actually came up with 2 shirt ideas, but this one was a
hell of a lot easier to actually produce so I went with it.

The three names all are from the original idea. I wanted to pick names of villains people
would immediately recognize, but also a broad range of names so that I would have a larger
number of people recognize at least one name as a bad guy. The saying under it took a bit
more planning. The original idea was to say: Vader, Voldermort, Lecter… Pussies! That one
was almost immediately scrapped for obvious reasons. The second line idea was: Vader,
Voldermort, Lecter...They only WISH they were this evil! However, that one was a little
long and besides, ultimately seemed a bit…I don’t know, off somehow. I still like that
one, but I’m glad I went with "Amateurs!" because it’s simple and, more important,

Noknor's eyes are actually my own. While scowling monstrously, I held my camera out at
arms length and snapped a picture. I cropped and manipulated the color of my skin to a
greenish hue with MS Photo Editor and added the red glowing eyes in MSPaint (I'm on a
shoestring budget when it comes to...well, any of this crap). I took the picture and text to a
local t-shirt printing place and well, there it is.

I often wear the shirt when I’m out and about; it’s really cool to actually wear a shirt
inspired by my story. It’s even cooler when I get complimented on the shirt, and it
happens an awful lot. If you’re interested in one for yourself,
click here for more info on
how to score one.